Thursday, June 5, 2008

College Majors We Wish We Could Have Been

Remember the days when you would be cutting across the freshly mowed grass of the campus quad, racing with books in hand to a class that started ten minutes ago? As you sprint across the lawn, you almost Birkenstock a casual friend in the face as they lay on the grass with nothing but time to kill.
Remember those days, and remember those people? Those nodding buddies, cats that you would see regularly on your way to class and occasionally at a kegger or packed bar, who seemed to never go to class but always be on campus.
As you’re trying to remember those lackadaisical loungers you should also be trying to figure out what were their majors and why didn’t you major in co-ed anatomy?
Each college has them. While some of them appear to be filled with fluff and lounging time, most off-the-beaten-path majors are rigorous and challenging, further pushing those plucky individuals into a highly specialized and technical field.
Clemson, you can major in Turfgrass… That’s right, Turfgrass. The Undergrad major bills itself as “for students interested in careers in the rapidly growing turfgrass industry, with courses in turfgrass management, pathology, agricultural mechanization, personnel management, soil fertility, soil microbiology, weed control, and park and recreation management.” And wait, there’s more, you can be a get a masters in Turfgrass also.
At the University of Florida you can major in Landscape Design. This five year program not only gets you accreditation as a Landscape Architect, you also have to go on at least three field trips and it is highly recommended that you spend a semester abroad. For those of you who were stirred up by the last posting, this was the major you should have taken.
Iowa State has a host of interesting majors, mainly focusing on various elements of agriculture. At Iowa State, you can spend four years studying and learning the many applications of soybeans and soybean oil if you were inclined to major in agronomy. Iowa State's College of Design is host to the Solar Decathlon team, which competes with other environmentally focused architects and design schools to design the future eco-houses today.
At the University of Connecticut you can get a major in Irish Literature, while at Bingham Young University you can major in paleontology and actually spend most of your time rooting around hunting for dinosaurs.
With all the different schools, majors and focuses, it’s somewhat amazing that many of us chose a mainstream path and major in practical fields, only to find out that years later in the professional world that our CEO graduated with a degree in comparative literature.

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